Transplant-Related Expenses - Medications

As you've probably seen by now, the costs associated with organ transplants are astronomical--but you many not be aware that many of these expenses aren't incurred in the hospital or in surgery.

Medications are one of the biggest expenses families face following discharge post-transplant.

To give you an idea of these costs, here's a list of most of the medications Eric has been prescribed in the past three months. Prices listed are for a one-month supply.




Acyclovir $39.99 Anti-viral
Metoprolol $17.99 Treats hypertension, tachycardia
Azathioprine $107.99 Anti-rejection
Ondansetron ODT 8mg $81.32 Anti-nausea/anti-emetic
Prednisone $23.15 Anti-rejection
Mapap 500mg $7.53 For mild to moderate pain
Sterile water $45.00 For drinking & hygiene (Mycobacterium infection prophylaxis)
Aspirin $6.71 Blood thinner
Sulfamethoxazole $6.70 Antibiotic - pneumonia prophylaxis
Voriconazole 300mg $2,025.54 Anti-fungal (treats aspergillus)
Voriconazole 200mg $1,031.82
Voriconazole 100mg $993.72
Calcium citrate $11.44 For CF-related low bone density
Prograf $49.80 Anti-rejection
Promethazine $635.03 Anti-nausea/anti-emetic
Creon (pancrilipase) $3,152.25 Digestive enzymes (for CF-related pancreatic insufficiency)
Gabapentin $18.80 For post-surgical nerve pain
Maginex $48.40 For transplant med-mediated hypomagnesemia
Furosemide $3.40 Prevents post-transplant edema/effusion
Hydromorphone Solution $107.48 For severe pain (post-surgical, pancreatitis)
Cetirizine $9.95 Allergy medication
Montelukast $19.50 Allergy medication
Daily vitamin $7.82 For CF-related vitamin deficiencies
Mycophenolate $73.72 Anti-rejection
Amlodipine $40.99 Treats hypertension 
Amikacin $685.76 Inhaled antibiotic
Amikacin solution $633.48 Measure antibiotic solution using syringe with needle and mix in neb cup with sterile saline. 
Sterile Saline $13.24
Syringes $26.27
Needles $12.77
Colistimethate $708.06 Inhaled antibiotic
Coli dry powder $662.45 Measure sterile water using syringe & needle. Inject into vial with antibiotic dry powder. Mix & withdraw from vial using syringe. Inject into neb cup.
Sterile water $25.00
Needles $8.86
Syringes $11.75
Pulmozyme $6,725.00 Inhaled mucolytic 
 Diabetes Supplies & Insulin
Humulin Regular insulin  $166.99
Humulin NPH insulin  $166.99
Insulin needles  $26.27
Glucose test strips  $98.99
Lancets  $16.49
Glucagon  $405.99
Total amount for monthly supply of all medications: 15,541.04

While most of these are refilled monthly, some were prescribed as needed, and only required one fill.

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