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Hi Eric, :)  SO Glad to hear of the good results of your lab test and bronchial test you had done. :) We will continue to hold you in prayer that your new lungs will continue to stay clear and strong. Also praying God would work in your body so you won't hurt so much and feel so nausea; and praying God would show the doctors how to continue to help you. God's continues Leading and Blessings as you go through each new day. May you Feel and See God's presence ALL around you. Lot of Love!!!!
Eric, Wish we could be there when you blow out your birthday candles with your NEW LUNGS! We are thankful that God has given you the grace to reach your 28th birthday and MANY MORE! Love always, Mom and Bobby
Eric, Happy that your gastric test results were good and you can now eat whatever you want. Also happy about the weight you've been gaining [even if it was mostly via tube feed]. Delighted you'll be able to enjoy REAL food for your Birthday! Look forward to celebrating with you. Lots of Love, Melanie & Jim
Hey Eric, just wantedd to drop in to say Hello!  :) I heard your last test was good. We are praying that your body will adjust and heal so you will be able to enjoy real food again. Take one day at a time and enjoy it, watch for ways the Lord is working within you and around you. You are in our prayers and thoughts everyday.  :)
The COTA Staff
We are happy to be working with you!
 :)  Thanks for your Leading and help to make our Fund Raiser come together. It will be enjoyable working with you. Thanks again!